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Digital printing

Advantages of digital printing towards conventional printing

Kodak NexPress

  • flexibility. Decisions can be taken at the last minute without affecting the execution terms.
  • the lack of the need to check the print because the test received (and agreed by you) will be, at the same time, also the first copy of the work.
  • ecological solution because you don't need typographic film, chemical products for typographic plates, it doesn't release volatile organic compounds, it doesn't use oil-based inks or synthetic materials for tests or large amounts of paper.

Kodak NexPress

  • has been projected to execute a commercial print with a large impact and for the result to look as an offset print.
  • offers saturated details, with large and clear contrast for a better reproduction of images than that offered by the standard print on coated and especially uncoated papers.
  • it prints any type of paper: coated, uncoated, textured, fine, sensitive to pressure, polyester, translucent or metallic.
  • print format 35x50 cm
  • polychrome prints based for a range of colors simulating a lot with Pantone colors.
  • includes the NexQ Quality Control System, which takes care of the remarkable coherence of colors, sheet by sheet.



  • it includes the ClearCoat Kodak process which look like a matt coating and may be used as selective coating or on the entire sheet surface.
  • it includes the Clear Dry Ink Kodak Dimensional Process – dimensional texture/coating – which prints the raised/textured surfaces similarly (visual and tactile) to those produced by other methods but more effective. Recently appeared (2009) the dimensional coating is applied by using the fifth group of color on the same technological line and may be applied also on unprinted surfaces, which can lead you to a textured coated background or to a folio print. Due to the fact it can be executed at variable heights, dimensional coating can imitate very well fine details and the specific texture of an image.



  • it is not suitable for overprint in combination with laser printers (think about header pages) because high temperature can destroy print.
  • as for any other digital technology, the biggest limitation is obtaining a large, uniform and homogeneous area of certain chromatic tonalities, the so-called "full cast". Thus, in terms of a contribution of 5-30% of which of 2, 3 or 4 colors the "smearing/striation" phenomenon appears. But the problem can be solved when more powerful tonalities are printed next to 100% for each of 2 or 3 colors. We recommend the addition of a subtile motive or a Photoshop noise so that the full cast should look perfect.


 How to do dimensional ... more details

HP Indigo 3550

  • the machinery offers a quality comparable to offset and the best coherence and precision of colors of all equipments of the same class. Complementary to the traditional print, offers a good productivity, a short execution time (consumables can be charged/discharged during digital print) for small circulations without requiring a minimum circulation.
  • system is comparable to more media types and finishings allowing the printing of books, brochures, leaflets, manuals, labels etc.
  • print format: 33 cm x 48,2 cm
  • sublayer weight: DCL: 80-350 g/sqm; DCM: 60-320 g/sqm
  • print speed (A4): 68 pages per minute polychromy or 136 pages per minute in 2 colors or monochrome no matter the type of the sublayer.
  • it has 5 ink unities allowing the spot colors print.
  • the ElectroInk ink and the Indigo procedure leave a very fine coat of ink for a uniform gloss aspect between the sublayer and the printed surface.
  • it simulates the Pantone colors by using CMYK.
  • the system, environmentally friendly by reducing surpluses, of the HP system of buy-back and recycling, the acceptance of recycled sublayers or with ecological certifications, has been our choice in the view of the ISO 14001 certification that we hold.

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