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Prepress guide

No matter if you have experience within the printing area or you are a beginner, we offer you a wide range of prepress services, adapted to the company and to your specifications:

– prepress consulting
– typing
– pre-flight and adjustments, correction
– imposition
– plates exposure and processing
– films exposure and processing
– proof

Our main interest is to be sure that the files fulfil the technical requirements of a quality print. For this purpose, we provide you the necessary specifications to create a complete file, a complete file meaning reducing the working time, a processing without corrections or adjustments of the file but also reduced costs (avoiding taxes for typing services). Don't hesitate to contact us for any information!

– Accepted file formats: ... more details

– Recommendations to deliver files: ... more details

– PDF: ... more details

– Imposition. The necessary details for the electronic editing: ... more details

– Attention! ... mode details


 Guide in PDF format ... more details


 How to do dimensional ... more details

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